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Position Held Name Call Sign
e-mail address
phone #
TARS Internal Contest Manager Librarian/Notice Board
Derrick G3LHJ
01626 354437
Chairman: Jeff M0WSZ
07771 907662
Vice Chairman / Joint PRO
Junior Member Rep
07786 736180
Treasurer Dave G0DDF
01803 323813
Secretary Kerry M0KRE
07725 999973
Rally Manager Mike G1TUU
01803 557941
Membership Secretary John 2E0SPS
07794 132867
Public Relations Officer: /b> Peter G4VTO
01803 864528
01803 329407
HF & VHF Contest Manager Eddie 2E0EVM
07732 053144
Webmaster / Tars Talk Advertising Colin G4FCN
01803 812117
Training Manager Lin M0TCF
07786 736180
Tars Talk Editor Dave G6FSP
01803 326033
Committee Member Che M0CHE
Committee Member David M1AEI
Committee Member Pete M0LAI
01803 322786
Committee Member Ken G0EKH
Committee Member Alan M0TRU
Committee Member Position Vacent      

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